HE/VET cooperation

The aim of this eCoP is to share good practices and efficient tools for a better HE-VET cooperation by means of ULLL.

Learning processes today are changing. In order to value and recognise different learning outcomes, universities as lifelong learning institutions have a significant role in creating links with different actors and bridging between different stakeholders i.e. VET providers, private and public sectors. Greater collaboration and engagement with different actors is crucial to enhance high-quality learning outcomes for socio-economic development across Europe.

Key Issues/Challenges to be focused

  • Promoting flexible learning pathways for adults (permeability, VINIL, accreditation, etc)
  • Contribution of ULLL and VET to the challenges of changing work and qualifications requirements
  • Reduction of youth unemployment, better transitions to labour market, and better opportunities for disadvantaged groups
  • Training teachers for VET institutions and support their continuous education
  • Professional HCVET, higher VET, higher apprenticeship
  • Inclusion of refugees/migrants into European societies by means of their professional identity
  • Quality assurance in VET


This eCoP is chaired by:

Tamer Atabarut, Director, Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Centre (TR)

Who should join

This eCoP is for professionals who want to track the policies, approaches and methodologies on HE/VET collaboration throughout Europe and to share good practices through case studies and researches, as well. In addition, the participants are invited to disseminate their project outcomes, and to make networking to create new partnerships.

What to do if you are interested?

Visit the section “About” in this website and download, fill in and send back the registration form that you will find there.

For general questions or requests, please contact ecops@eucen.eu


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