Digital Wellbeing

If we apply the definition given by the “Building digital capacity” project*, Digital Wellbeing is the capacity to:

  • look after personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings;
  • use digital tools in pursuit of personal goals (eg health and fitness);
  • participate in social and community activities;
  • act safely and responsibly in digital environments;
  • negotiate and resolve conflict;
  • manage digital workload, overload and distraction;
  • act with concern for the human and natural environment when using digital tools.

If you are interested in this specific topic within Digital ULLL, the EU-funded project Digital Wellbeing Educators (reference 2018-1-UK01-KA203-048214) has opened a group in Facebook and also in LinkedIn that you could follow. These social media groups intend to share and discuss the topic of Digital Wellbeing in the context described above as well as the role of HE educators in its implementation.

If you have literature on these topics, send them to us at – we are collecting existing materials on the area!

* follow the link for more details about this definition and the mentioned project

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