Ressources to face the fall 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We have all faced the special spring 2020. I hope you are all well and not completely exhausted by the adaptations we had to face.

The fall will bring new challenges. As most probably social distanciation restrictions will not have completely disappeared by then, “normal” conditions for teaching and learning will not be back. Blended learning might be an interesting answer. We need to start tackling this issue now.

As all universities had to quickly adapt their courses into Emergency Remote Teaching, it is now necessary to offer more appropriate Distance Learning, oriented not only on the teaching side, but also on the process of learning of students.

I want to forward to you two types of information that may be of help:

A study on what universities plan for the fall. It is based on 579 institutions (among which 529 des USA but also  France, Finland, Canada…) and consider issues such as support for students, training for teachers, exams.

And a compilation of training on digital teaching and learning that our colleague Ebba Ossiannillsson has shared with me and agreed to share on eucen eCoP. (ressources for training on e-learning EO).

I hope it helps.

Take good care of you, your family and your students!

Ahidoba de Franchi

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